Comprehensive Digital BSS Suite for Monetization of new digital world

Converged Billing 

Customer Management 

Full Convergence - any service , any vertical , any segment , any business model can be charged and controlled in real time

Customer centric solution provides 360-degree view of each customer and enables to create digital engagement with every customer at every channel and every interaction

Service Creation 


Proactive Customer Management

Create and manage new services and products with any business complexity in minutes by configuration only 

Provides immediate and individualized promotions across all channels and devices based on advanced data collection and real time analytic engines

Digital Mediator 

Self Services

Plugin based and open approach provides fast and easy integration to any network and any service 

Giving end-consumers and partners full control for services and finances

Service Fulfillment 

Partnership Management

Automates service provisioning ,order processing, inventory management to keep consistently high levels of quality and reliability

Revenue Control

Comprehensive partnership management solution to manage customers, dealers, agents, resellers, roaming partners, content providers and interconnect partners 

Real Time Revenue Assurance and Anti-Fraud solutions to secure your revenues 


The smarter, easier way to gain Digital Advantage

Let's build Digital World TOGETHER !

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Comprehensive Digital BSS Suite to empower your business 


Start with the necessary functionality required by the business


Create new services of any complexity by configuration only 


Fit any scale of operation - from a few thousand up to a tens of million subscribers.


Plugin based approach provides easy and fast integration with 3rd-parties  


Intuitive and powerful solution to simplify and automate business processes and operation tasks. 


Telco-grade solution with over 20 years of expertise



One system supports all lines of business, products and services  across all channels 


Agile approach and modular architecture allows fast and successful delivery

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